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30 August 2013

I wanted to make my first blog a happy thing about how much life is improving in terms of access to safe Gluten-FREE food.   Thanks to the FDA you get a rant!!! When I read the FDA release on gluten-free labeling, Tina Fey’s voice echoed in my head. REALLY!?……. REALLY!?  In case you haven’t heard, the FDA has decided that food manufactures, processors and packagers (industry) can label their products  “gluten-free”, provided they contain 20 parts per million (PPM) or less. The FDA has a long history of throwing common sense out the window when industry lobbyists come to town.  Here is another example of how nothing has changed.  …

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12 July 2013

HI 🙂 Welcome to the gluten-free Blog. Beginning in early 2012, this blog will go live with information on gluten-free living and travel.        

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