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This was the first Gluten-Free book I ever bought. Donna has done a wonderful job of identifying the issues in an easy to understand format. It provides a great starting point for understanding some of the issues and I still reference it from

This is a great book!!! Michael has done some incredible detective work and provides a great explanation of how the processed food industry works. While I was a little disappointed that flours weren’t addressed directly, it is quite easy to add them into the equations. Flours are one of the main carriers and binders used to deliver the salt, sugars and fats he talks about. If you are on a Gluten-free diet and having difficulty passing the processed foods, I strongly recommend you read this book. You will be glad you did and life will start to seem a bit easier.

This book makes a great case for eliminating grains (most importantly wheat) from your diet weather you are Celiac or not. The premise is essentially that grains are not really human food. It makes a lot of sense and is helping a lot of people with ailments other than Celiac disease. Some of the clinical explanations are a bit dry, but it is well worth the read.

This process is worth consideration. Especially if you are on the GF diet and still having some problems. Make sure you check with your own doctor, but following this program may identify other carbs that you are sensitive to.

This book is a wonderful reference tool if you have children with Celiac Disease.

This book contains a lot of practical advice for everyday living. A lot of good ideas that are easy to use.


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