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Clone Food Part I

When this project began a few years ago I really thought I knew everything there was to know about food.  I expected my travels would uncover some interesting dishes and maybe a few handy tips for travelers.  While this did happen, and in spades, I also discovered that I knew almost nothing about real food, at least not human food anyway.  What I knew a lot about, was the food that comes in a box, a can or a sealed pouch.  It comes from a factory and is filled with ingredients that I can’t pronounce, many of which have come from other factories.  It may or may not have genetically modified elements.  The ingredients it turns out, are chemicals and derivatives specifically designed to replicate the flavor and texture of real food…but it isn’t real….it’s CLONE FOOD.


One of the most versatile ingredients in Clone food is the gluten derived from wheat, barley and rye grains with wheat being the King.  There are many countries in the world where food is still cooked fresh and being a Celiac is not a big deal.  Interestingly enough these countries have less Celiacs, although the genetic pre-disposition is the same.  Could it be that the Celiac “epidemic” has its roots in modified, processed and packaged food that uses gluten and genetically modified gluten as a binder and preservative?

This is actually where it all started for me.  I read an article that talked about a joint scientific study (probably the same scientists who developed the clone food in the first place) to determine if living in filth and poverty created an immunity to Celiac disease.  It was noticed that there was a large difference in the number of cases of Celiac disease in a group of people living in the border region between Russia and Finland.  There was no difference in the genetics of the populations.

I have no doubt the child of some senior government official somewhere noticed that the Finns (who had a high incident rate of Celiac disease) in the area were affluent, while the Russians (who had a very low incident rate) in the area were poor.  He guessed that the poor people lived in filth and so he applied for a grant to determine if filth created immunity to Celiacs disease.  Six countries provided public funding for this study!!! (I can’t imagine why taxes are so high)



I had to look.  What I found will amaze you.  It is basic common sense.  It is what we all heard our grandmothers saying when we were children………  But first…A disclaimer:

     WARNING:  I am not a scientist.  I am not a Doctor.  I am neither a nutritionist nor a psychologist.  What follows in the upcoming blogs are my observations and personal opinions based on my ongoing travels.  I am not funded by any government or private interest group.  I consider any advice I give to be common sense and if you are not able to make “big people” decisions for yourself, or if you are under medical care, please check with your doctor before eating any of the things I will be recommending.  (I do not wish to be sued by someone who’s doctor had put him on a carrot-free diet claiming I told him to eat carrots, so you have been warned.)

I visited both Scandinavian and Eastern European countries including Russia and Ukraine.  I discovered that the amount of dirt in your house makes no difference to Celiac disease, but what you do with the dirt in your back yard does.  This is the best I can do for a cliff hanger.  I will reveal all in Clone Food Part II  next week.  For now I will close off with a travel food Recommendation.  My new favorite restaurant in Vienna is called Salm Brau.  The staff was wonderful and they understood the issues surrounding Gluten.  They suggested the roasted pork hoc with roast potatoes and sour cabbage.  Accompaniments included horse radish and mustard.   While my friends enjoyed a beer I was treated to a glass of wine that was a perfect match.  Next stop is Munich for some pre-Oktoberfest dining.





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