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22 July 2014

I am very excited. In the morning I am leaving for Greece. I have a list of countries I would like to visit, and Greece has been at the top for many years.  On this trip I will fly with two airlines that I have not previously flown, and accordingly when making arrangements I had to make sure the tickets noted the requirement for a gluten-free meal.  It occurred to me that while I spend a great deal of time traveling and focusing on naturally gluten-free dishes, that no matter where I go, I first have to get there.  That is usually by plane, and in many cases the airline will provide a meal.  Some airlines are very good while others…

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7 July 2014

It has been called everything from convenience food, to factory food, to processed food.  I call it CLONE FOOD.  I believe it is directly linked to the recent epidemic of Celiac and many other gastro intestinal and auto immune problems. There are of course a few things, including some assumptions that need to be stated to understand my point of view. The first thing is that I have now come to believe that wheat barley and rye are not really human food in the first place. This does not mean that humans can’t tolerate them, but that they are in fact not really human food. Over the past few thousand…

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